Bound Volumes: July 21, 2022

Bound Volumes

July 21, 2022

British Monsters – Excerpt of a letter from Captain Cooper to Charles K. Mallory, Esq. Lieut. Gov. of Virginia — “I was in Hampton with my troop; that place having been evacuated in the morning by the British.
My blood ran cold at what I saw and heard. The few distressed inhabitants running up in every direction to congratulate us; tears were shedding in every corner — the infamous scoundrels, monsters, destroyed everything but the houses, and (my pen is almost unwilling to describe it) the women were ravished by the abandoned ruffians. Great God! My dear friend, can you figure to yourself our Hampton females seized and treated with violence by those monsters, and not a solitary American arm present to avenge their wrongs! But enough — I can no more of this.”

July 17, 1813

Personal – L.I. Burditt, Esq., with his daughter Mrs. Lynes, and Miss Lynes, went to Otsego camping grounds on the St. Lawrence last Saturday. They will be joined by several members of the club in a few days.
Mr. Lane last week bought of Mr. Lamb a wire screen, made to fasten in front of a door to keep out insects, etc., for which he is to pay double the usual price in case Harrison is elected, and nothing in case he is defeated. When he got the contrivance home, he found it was about eight inches too short — and he argues that in like proportion Harrison will fall short of the electoral votes necessary to be elected.

July 20, 1888

Henry Fabian, who has charge of the baseball field at the Polo Grounds where the New York Giants play when at home, came to Cooperstown Monday to lend his cooperation and advice in the enlargement of Doubleday Field which the village trustees plan to undertake in the near future. After an inspection of the property with the Mayor, the veteran grounds expert was asked his opinion and replied: “I don’t see why not. At the Polo Grounds the distance from home plate to the left field barrier is 287 feet and to the right field limits 257 feet. You have grounds available to construct a field that will provide even more space than that and all that is necessary for anybody’s ballfield.”

July 20, 1938

Lester A. Sittler has announced the opening of his office for the general practice of law. Mr. Sittler, formerly general counsel of the Delaware-Otsego Corporation and the New York Susquehanna and Western Railway, said his practice would specialize in real estate, business, litigation, and transportation matters. Mr. Sittler is a graduate of the SUNY at Buffalo School of Law and Hartwick College and a native of Hartwick. He and his wife Karen live in Fly Creek with three children.

July 20, 1988

Beginning this month, the LEAF Council on Alcoholism and Addictions is reaching out to individuals and families whose lives are disrupted and harmed by compulsive gambling. With support from Human Technologies Corp. (HTC) LEAF will provide gambling addiction information and counseling services to Otsego County residents and families as part of its commitment to reclaim lives torn by addiction, strengthen families, and build healthier communities. “We already have clients from Otsego County traveling to Utica for assistance,” said James Klein, HTC’s director of gambling information and counseling program.

July 18, 2003

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