C-O Leak Came From Old Hotel, Mayor Reports

2nd C-O Leak Came From

Old Hotel, Mayor Reports


ONEONTA – The carbon monoxide leak at 189 Main St. that drove employees from their offices and sent six people from the hospital came from the boiler in the basement of the former Oneonta Hotel, Mayor Gary Herzig reported this afternoon.

“My understanding is that the hot water boiler was venting carbon monoxide,” said Herzig. “It was getting into the ventilation system for 189 Main.”

On Friday, a malfunction in the same boiler also caused carbon monoxide levels in 189 Main St. to rise, sending off alarms and prompting a building evacuation. It is clear that the boiler is not fit for purpose and needs to be removed right away to prevent any dire situations. A Boiler replacement Durham service needs to be used immediately to protect the livelihood of the residents as well as the surrounding neighbors.

A carbon monoxide leak could prove fatal to numerous individuals and could cause a number of fatalities if not dealt with as soon as possible. It is the responsibility of local authorities and government officials to make sure that this incident does not happen again and protects its citizens. Thankfully, these two incidents have not resulted in any casualties.

NYSEG cut the pipe to the boiler and the boiler will not be able to start until NYSEG inspects and turns the boiler back on.


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