Carson: County Board Should Ask State To Open Car Dealerships

Reopen Auto Dealers,

Carson To Ask County

Len Carson

ONEONTA – Citing the $117 million that car dealerships put into the local economy, Common Council member Len Carson, Fifth Ward, is asking the county Board of Representatives to restart car sales in Otsego County.

A former county board member himself, Carson told Common Council this evening he has sent a letter asking his former colleagues to  petition Governor Cuomo to allow Otsego County to re-open car dealerships.

He said the governor has already done so in Onondaga County.

“Recognizing that there is no guarantee our governor will allow this industry to fully open to the public on May 15, I have asked the chair of the Otsego County to present a resolution to the County Board addressing this issue,” said Carson in a statement he read to the Council.

“This resolution, if passed, will start the process of helping small businesses located in our county to fully open and also help County Government start to capitalize loss revenue,” he said.

One thought on “Carson: County Board Should Ask State To Open Car Dealerships

  1. James Dean

    Not an unreasonable suggestion assuming that everyone wears masks.
    The responsible opening up of businesses needs to start somewhere.
    Auto sales seems to be one of the first manageable, and safer, businesses to consider reopening due to the relatively few people close to each other at one time, the large open spaces, the serious intent of potential customers, the high dollar value of a sale, and the sales taxes collected.

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