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Editorial: Glimmering Glimmerglass Glimmers Again

Last week, on the evening of Friday the 7th of July, the Glimmerglass Festival opened the doors of the Alice Busch Opera Theater for its 48th season with a provocative, moving, and beautifully sung and brilliantly acted performance of Puccini’s “La bohème.” This is the fifth Glimmerglass production of what is among the most well-known and well-loved operas in the world.…


Editorial: Independent Thoughts

We have just celebrated the Fourth of July, surrounded by Canadian smoke, threatening heat waves and heavenly rain. As usual, the Cooperstown Fire Department outdid itself, sending up noisy multi-colored rockets and shooting stars, to the amusement and appreciation of us all, except, of course, our dogs. Oneonta’s Hometown Fourth of July Festival is underway as we go to press.…


Editorial: Help Us Help You

This week, after a few long months of studied work, which included numerous failed and frustrating attempts, multifaceted thoughts and endless meetings as well as significant and intelligent breakthroughs, Iron String Press unveils its newly redesigned, modern, long-awaited, readable, and truly navigable website:, the online home of “The Freeman’s Journal” and “Hometown Oneonta.”…

Editorial: What Did You Say? I Can’t Hear You

Summer is here. Main Street is full. Dreams Park and Cooperstown All Star Village are open. Parking is tight. Lodging is spoken for. And it looks as though this one is going to be very successful for the well-organized, hungry tourist industry. Good for us. But something else usually happens around this time: The sound level meters (dB) go amuck, all over town as well as all through the countryside. Buses, 18-wheelers, utility trucks both big and small, boat trailers,…

Editorial: Farewell to a Friend

All of us here at Iron String Press were saddened last week to hear of the death of Edward W. Stack, one of our village’s most committed, industrious and indefatigable supporters, on Sunday, June 4. His passing has left a plethora of memories in our community, and we are extremely thankful for the commanding legacy, rich and fruitful, that he left us.…


Editorial: Water Worries

Editorial Water Worries With the exception of the boisterous and breezy thunderstorm that ran through here last Friday, Otsego County has had little to no rain for the last several weeks, a relatively new problem for us here in what has long been touted as one of the wettest counties in the state. Though the storm was occasionally scary—downing trees, exuding earsplitting thunder and bursting with lightning—it was welcome, as our bright lime spring fields and meadows were on the…


Editorial: On Being Polite

Editorial On Being Polite Since the pandemic, and probably a bit before it, our once-comfortable world has been in a constant state of change. For some of us this is a very good thing; for others, possibly those of an older vintage, such changes are at times more difficult to understand. In the end, though, change is a good thing. It means we are learning, growing, improving and, at the very least, thinking, although we may not particularly agree with…


Editorial: Decoration Day 101

Editorial Decoration Day 101 In spite of the incessantly confusing and mildly annoying weather patterns we have been confronted with recently around here, we have come to Memorial Day weekend, reputedly the harbinger of summer, though we have hardly seen spring. It’s supposed to be warm and pleasant, a packed weekend filled with family and friends, parades, taps, salutes, speeches, frost-free gardens, canoe races, and tag sales.…


Editorial: What Do May Flowers Bring?

Editorial What Do May Flowers Bring? The old rhyme about spring—April showers bring May flowers—was most likely intended to buoy the soggy human sprits of those last muddy weeks of winter, especially in places like Otsego County, where there have historically been only two seasons: winter and Fourth of July. Now it seems that Otsego County may be more representative of the school-kid joke that followed up on the rhyme—April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?” Pilgrims.…


Editorial: If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Your Mother

Editorial If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Your Mother Aside from being known as the start of nasty-little-black-flies month, this, the second Sunday in May, is by tradition and proclamation Mother’s Day. In this country it’s a commercial event of staggering financial proportions that has held the nation’s pocketbook in its grip for more than 100 years. It’s this way now, but it wasn’t this way in the beginning. The initial seed for honoring our mothers was sown before the…

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