City Meetings To Be Live-Streamed, Activities Cancelled, Mayor Reports

OPT Remains Open, Activities Cancelled

‘Social Distancing’

To Guide City Hall,

Mayor Announces

Mayor Herzig.

ONEONTA – To implement “social distancing” in the fight against spreading coronavirus, Mayor Gary Herzig announced this evening that Common Council meetings  will be streamed on Facebook Live.

CDC images of coronavurus

“The public is encouraged to attend remotely,” said Mayor Gary Herzig in a statement. “The severity of this pandemic can only be minimized by all communities acting locally to mitigate the spread of this virus.

“Here in the City of Oneonta, we owe it to ourselves, our neighbors and our fellow New Yorkers to voluntarily implement social distancing measures in all group activities,” he said.



While Oneonta Public Transit will remain in operation, all events on city-owned property, including the Oneonta Teen Center, Blendos Basketball and Little League, have been suspended until March 27.

The mayor also issued an advisory warning that all organizations, including places of worship, social clubs, gyms, cultural events and performances be suspended or limited to a certain number of participants to comply with the recommended social distancing.

“While we understand that this may cause significant inconvenience and negative economic impact, the result of not acting could be significantly more serious,” he said. “The City of Oneonta has always been a caring community and there is no better time than today to demonstrate this.”

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