Death Toll Climbs, Active Cases Decline

Death Toll Climbs,

Active Cases Decline


COOPERSTOWN – No deaths new COVID-19 fatalities were confirmed today after one on each of the previous two days were reported.

Both reported fatalities were women over 55, bringing the total deaths related to the virus up to eight since the start of the new year alone.

Over the same three day period, active cases have dropped by more than thirty despite just shy of 20 new cases reported on each day.

That said, total cases for the year have increased by nearly 50 since Jan. 24, bringing the new total for the year up to 633 of which 17 of 225 active cases remain hospitalized.

Bond advises residents to remain diligent and continue following guidelines. Various sites of potential exposure exist, including the most recent at the Red Jug Pub in Oneonta. 

“Continue to follow precautions at all times,” Bond said.

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