Developer Withdraws From ‘Grove’ Project To Build Apartments


Developer Withdraws

Application For ‘Grove,’

12-Apartment Project

10 Chestnut, which includes empty acreage behind it, was an A.G. Edwards stock brokerage office, but also a car dealership and a meat storage building. It is currently owned by a company associated with Jay Bernhardt, the Richfield Springs investor, who attempted to build condos there a dozen years ago. (Jim Kevlin/

By JIM KEVLIN • Special to

Josh Edmonds

COOPERSTOWN – The developer of “The Grove,” Josh Edmonds, said today he has withdrawn his application for the 12-unit apartment house at 10 Chestnut St.

“It didn’t seem productive to keep the application in progress at this moment,” said Edmonds, a partner in Simple Integrity, the contracting and construction company.

The project, located between Chestnut Street and Pine Boulevard, a half-block up from Lake Street, drew an outpouring of opposition from neighbors at the June meeting of the Village Board.

“I think we need it, the hospital needs it,” said Edmonds, a reference to a call for more housing in the recently updated Comprehensive Master Plan and a demand identified in a Bassett Hospital housing needs survey.  But, he said, “there’s been some pushback,” adding, “We live in Cooperstown.”

Deputy Mayor Cindy Falk expressed some disappointment, said, “Clearly its a property we (the Village Board) would like to see something different happen with — different than two abandoned buildngs.  And, also, I think we’re all in agreement we need more housing in the village.”

Cindy Falk

She said perhaps Edmonds’ application was premature, since the village Planning Board is still incorporating the Comp Plan recommendations into the zoning code.  It’s held one meeting on that, and is planning another special meeting Aug. 7.

“If we were fortunate to get DRI money” – the village is awaiting whether it is selected for the state’s Downtown Redevelopment Initiative, which would make $10 million available for Main Street redevelopment – “we can probably count on our hands places in our downtown and immediately adjoining lots that are begging for more productive use,” said Falk.

That includes the A.G. Edwards lot, 10 Chestnut, identified by Edmonds, but also the CVS building, which went on market for $1.2 million last week, and is zoned so two more stories can be building above it.

2 thoughts on “Developer Withdraws From ‘Grove’ Project To Build Apartments

  1. John Dinneen

    Typical do-good liberals – “we need to help those less fortunate, but not in my town”!!!! So predictable in Cooperstown – America’s Village – but not for everybody!!

  2. Pat Ryan

    Surley, more apartment dwellings are needed, but not before ancilliary parking is addresse….parking garage is in order perhaps?

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