Hartwick E-Hub Students Share Experiences With Rotary


Hartwick E-Hub Students

Share ‘Liberal Arts In Action’

Rotarian (and Hartwick College president) Margaret L. Drugovich, above, introduces Hartwick students Allison Taft and Taylor Diepold, who spoke at today’s the Oneonta Rotary Club luncheon at The Elks Club.   Each Thursday this month, Hartwick is providing luncheon speakers to the local club.   Today’s topic was the “E-Hub Experience: Liberal Arts in Action” initiative.  Economics Professor Kristen Jones, at left,  explains how uncertainties in the future of the workforce led the college to develop the program, which helps students apply liberal arts training to hands-on problem solving.   Allison Taft spoke of the Applied Theater segment:  for instance, acting students are helping train nursing students by portraying patients’ ailments more realistically; in turn, the program helps the fledgling actors sharpen their skills.   Taylor Diepold described the development of an Agricultural Distribution Model to help local farmers get their produce to market. (Ian Austin/AllOTSEGO.com)

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