HEWLETT: Many Mental Patients Abused


Neglect Of Mental

Patients Little Understood

To the Editor:

Right now there is nothing more important to me than making people aware of the ongoing abuse and neglect of patients on psychiatric units. This is still happening today in many hospitals here in NYS because of bad policies and bad protocols that need to change.

These are the primary causes of patient abuse by psychiatrists and their nursing staff who ironically do mean well and want the best for their patients.

Many caring activists, volunteers, and coordinators of PsychRights.org are helping abused patients like myself raise much needed awareness of the ongoing corruption in the Mental Health System.
They have posted many startling but informative blogs such as “Corruption at Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse” on their (PsychRights) website: Everyday Horrors of the Mental Health System.

They are working hard to help reform and improve mental health policies and practices on psychiatric units and in hospitals, starting locally and eventually on a global scale.

To achieve this goal, however, it has become necessary to pursue and win lawsuits and class action lawsuits for neglecting the mental health and even the physical needs of patients.


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