HEWLETT: Trump, Bidens Turn Voters Off


Trump, Biden

Turn Voters Off

To the Editor:

Being a somewhat conservative Christian man, I have always preferred Republican candidates over Democrats.

I have voted or wanted to vote for Republicans because they have the same views that I do on major issues such as abortion, homosexuality and prayer in public schools, to name a few.

But as I get older and more educated, and I begin to understand what’s most important in life, I realize that the issues a candidate stands for aren’t nearly as important as his or her character.

I can’t bring myself to vote for Donald Trump on Nov. 3 because his character is one of arrogance, hypocrisy and immaturity, despite the fact that I agree with him on many of the issues.

But I also can’t bring myself to vote for Joe Biden because his character, based on the Presidential debate alone, wasn’t much better, since he chose to return insult for insult with Trump instead of taking the high road and being the better person. I also disagree with him on most of the issues.

So what should I do? And who should I vote for in November? I will either vote Independent or I won’t be voting at all.


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