Hometown History: January 19, 2023

Hometown History

January 19, 2023

135 Years Ago
The Local News: Michael Sullivan of Osborn Hollow died recently. The deceased had been in the employ of the D & H Company for the past 18 years and had lost in that time but two or three days. He was track walker between Osborn Hollow and Port Crane, and his daily trip covered twenty miles. During his 18 years of service he walked a trifle over 131,000 miles.
A.N. Deuel, formerly a railroad conductor and later a grocery-man of Oneonta, is reported to have left town with the wife of Geo. Vanderson, a railroad employee. Vanderson is reported to be after them with a blunderbuss. The popular impression appears to be, however, that Deuel has done him a good turn.

January 1888

110 Years Ago
Fifty years ago the petroleum industry in the United States, and in the world for that matter, was in its infancy; and in our own country was confined to a small area around Titusville and Oil City, in Pennsylvania. Now, the world consumes a million 42-gallon barrels of petroleum per day. Of the petroleum products of the world, more than half are in the United States, where the output in 1912 was over 220,000,000 barrels, practically the same as in 1911. Prices however, have greatly increased. Oil which sold a year and a half ago for $1.30 per barrel now brings $2.00 or more in a ready market. In even figures, the oil production in California last year was 87 millions of barrels. In Oklahoma it was 52 million and in Illinois more than 28 million, making all but 53 millions of barrels of the total production. Pennsylvania and Ohio, parent states of the oil industry, are credited with only eight million barrels each, and the once great productive New York field had to its credit only 700,000 barrels.

January 1913

70 Years Ago
Some 50 million Americans with personal incomes of $600 or more must file federal income tax returns this year. There is only one consolation – the rates have not gone up, although neither have they gone down. And, the same exemptions and deductions you used last March apply when figuring the tax on 1952 income. The rate increase November 1, 1951 averaged about 11 percent for most taxpayers. But, since the boost was effective for only one-sixth of the year taxpayers will feel its full impact for the first time when paying their 1952 taxes. Returns are due on or before March 15. It’s to your advantage to file a return even if you made less than $600 last year in a job covered by the withholding tax. Such income is tax-free, and you’ll get a refund check from the treasury.

January 1953

50 Years Ago
Oneonta would have more parks and open spaces if recommendations made by the Anti-Pollution and Environmental Board are accepted by the city. The report recommends the wooded area between Woodside Avenue and SUCO, already owned by the city, be used for nature trail studies to be used by college and Oneonta school district classes. “Because of its steep slopes,” it was recommended that “the area should be left in its natural state.” The Parish Farm, west of the city, and north of the new sewage treatment plant, should be developed into a historic park, exhibiting the Revolutionary War cemetery located there. That property is already owned by the city. Another land parcel, owned privately in the Sixth Ward, is recommended for use as a park and picnic grounds. The report suggests this park could be used by the Riverside School which lost playground land to the state for the construction of Interstate 88. Big Island, near Neahwa Park offers 90 acres of uninhabited land covered with second growth flood plain forest and river scenery untouched by development. The report concludes that Big Island should be used as a public nature study area and public picnic ground. A fifth property located above Table Rock and Hartwick College should remain untouched and undeveloped as forest land. However, these 100 acres are currently being considered as the site for a 200-unit town house complex.

January 1973

40 Years Ago
Tim O’Brien became the most prolific scorer in Hartwick college men’s basketball history with a 36-point outburst that led Hartwick to its 86-70 win over Division III powerhouse opponent Potsdam State at Binder Field House on Wednesday night. Hartwick’s season record is now 10-4. “You know, I was walking up here tonight thinking this could be one of the greatest nights of my life,” said O’Brien, after he eclipsed Barry Lewis’ 23-year-old career mark of 1,512 points late in the first half. “But, if we lose, it isn’t going to be that good.” After a record-setting free throw, the contest was stopped and O’Brien was swarmed with congratulations by teammates, family and fans.

January 1983

30 Years Ago
Proclaiming a message of national unity, Bill Clinton and Al Gore rolled triumphantly into the nation’s capital Sunday, kicking off five days of inaugural pageantry. “We must go forward together, or not at all,” Clinton declared. Hundreds of thousands of well-wishers filled the Mall, stretching from the Capitol to the Lincoln Monument where Clinton spoke after a trademark bus trip to his new home. “Let us build an American home for the 21st century where everyone has a place at the table and not a single child is left behind.”

January 1993

20 Years Ago
The Oneonta Police Department is seeking to evaluate and update its operation standards and procedures to meet requirements for accreditation by New York State’s Department of Criminal Justice Services. The effort will take two years to complete according to Oneonta Police Lieutenant Joseph Redmond, who is in charge of the project. Out of 550 state law enforcement agencies, only 93 have been accredited through the program. In all there are 143 standards that have to be met in the areas of administration, personnel training, and operations including basic crime-fighting responsibilities. There is no financial cost to the city involved.

January 2003

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