June 26, 2020

130 Years Ago

Local News – Monday morning about two o’clock, the residence of Hiram Osterhoudt, who lives about four miles from the village in the Town of Milford, was discovered to be on fire. The house, together with the furniture, provisions and wearing apparel of the family was destroyed, and the inmates themselves narrowly escaped. The loss was about $600, insured in the county.
Strawberries, though selling on the street for ten cents per quart, are still far from plentiful. There have not been enough in market as yet to supply the daily demand.
While working on the corporation, John Hanrahan had his skull fractured Friday by a pick in the hands of another workman. As both tables of the skull were fractured, trepanning was resorted to by Drs. Church, Brownell and Brockway, the attending physicians. Ten pieces of bone, the largest equal in size to a ten-cent piece, were removed. The injured man is now at the house of Dr. Church, where he receives careful attention.

June 1890

110 Years Ago

As the result of more than three years of persistent effort on the part of Congressman Fairchild of this district, Oneonta has this week the assurance that it is to have a public building. As soon as he entered congress Mr. Fairchild began working for an appropriation. The sum of $20,000 was appropriated for the purchase of a site. With this as a nucleus, the effort for the building appropriation was pushed vigorously and with such success that the sum of $75,000 was included in this year’s public buildings bill. This measure passed the House of Representatives on Monday. The movement for a public building in Oneonta began about 16 years ago during the term of the Hon. D.F. Wilber as congressman. Mr. Wilber devoted all his well-known energy to the task but conditions were not favorable and the bill did not pass. The building will be located on the southeast corner of Main and South
Main streets, the latter street being moved west so that it may be in direct line with Ford
Avenue. The old Briggs and Miller shops and the Chicorrelli building will be removed and
the public building will occupy the space now covered by these buildings and by South Main Street at its present intersection.

June 1910

90 Years Ago

Twelve-year-old Ivan Grant, of London Avenue, was the hero of the street boys near his home. On Mothers’ Day he bought boxes of chocolates for his mother and the mother of each one of his buddies. However, it has come to light that the money for his gifts was obtained under false pretenses from the triple-buttoned pockets of Main Street businessmen. Young Grant’s ploy was to draw his victims mysteriously into an inner room and there ask in fearful Robin Hoodish whispers for a small loan in order to buy some candy at wholesale. The candy would be sold that night, he averred, and the next day his “Shylock” could have the loan repaid. The ruse worked in a majority of Main Street establishments and he collected sums ranging from half a dollar to $8, accumulating a total of $30.80. However, when the debts went unsatisfied, the police were notified and Mrs. Hazel Foster Brady, Oneonta Police Matron, nabbed Grant who is scheduled for an appearance at the next session of Children’s Court.

June 1930

70 Years Ago

Advertisement – Del-Sego Drive-in Theatre at Emmons, N.Y., 2 miles east of Oneonta on Route 7 – Two shows nightly – begins at dusk. Children under 12 admitted free of charge. Friday, June 22-23 – Kiddie Show – Before Features – One Complete Hour of Cartoons. Features – “I’ll Reach for a Star” starring Frances Langford and Phil Regan – also – “Wyoming” with William Elliott; Saturday, June 24 – “Angels Alley” with Leo Gorcey and Geneva Gray – also – “Dangerous Venture” starring William Boyd and Andy Clyde; Sunday, June 25 and Monday, June 26, “War of the Wildcats” starring John Wayne – also – “Joan of the Ozarks” starring Joe E. Brown and Judy Canova.

June 1950

45 Years Ago

Law enforcement officials appear to be thinking more seriously about equipping their men with bullet-proof vests following an incident last week in which Kenneth Beijen, an Oneonta State Trooper’s life was saved because he was wearing a nylon vest. Oneonta Mayor James Lettis said a decision was made to purchase vests for the 30 policemen in Oneonta the day after the shooting. When it became evident, however, that the vests would run into a large sum of money, he said it became necessary to send out bid requests. William Wilsey, President of the Police Benevolent Association stressed the necessity of having the vests. Wilsey said he expected a few men would purchase the vests for themselves if the city doesn’t come through.

June 1975

15 Years Ago

The Del-Otse-Nango Kennel Club will sponsor classes in dog obedience and show handling starting at 6:30 p.m.  Monday at Neawha Park by the Red Caboose. Instructors will be Sue Pierro and Barbara Scholz of the Suffolk Obedience Training Club and Tom Parotti, an AKC-licensed judge, for show handling. The fee is $50 for eight sessions. All dogs must have proof of rabies vaccination. A Canine Good Citizen Test will be offered at the end of the classes for an additional fee.

June 2005

10 Years Ago

You may know Dean Roberts as the helpful presence at The Green Earth, the health-food store he founded a half-dozen years ago on Oneonta’s Market Street.You may not know that, when Dean’s
dad Anthony was 9 years old, he built the replica of a cathedral at his home in Brooklyn, and that launched the family on a trajectory now in its fourth generation. The latest manifestation is the Doll House Hall of Fame, which had its grand opening Saturday, June 19, on Route 33, a mile or so north of Brewery Ommegang, and contains 46 samples of the family’s creations.

June 2010

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