HOMETOWN HISTORY: November 5, 2020


November 5, 2020

150 Years Ago

Oneonta Local: Heavy white frost covers the ground these mornings.
Another new engine, the “Schoharie” came up the road on Monday last.
Jay McDonald has commenced the new home of  Albert Morris on Walnut Street which is to be pushed, until it is done.
C.H. Bundy of New Lisbon has erected and nearly finished a fine dwelling for Erastus Walling, on Oneonta Creek, It is by far the best house in the valley.

November 1870

125 Years Ago

Died at her home on Elm Street, Oneonta, Friday evening at 8 o’clock, Mrs. Freeman Murray. Mrs. Murray was born November 1, 1820, in the Town of Milford, Otsego County New York. Her maiden name was Zilpha Westcott. In 1838, she was married to Richard B. Morris of the same town, who died in 1877. In 1887 she was again married, this time to Freeman Murray, also of the Town of Milford, a man she had always known. She was a resident of Oneonta since 1878. She was the mother of William H. Morris and Albert Morris who comprise the firm of Morris Bros. of Oneonta, a sister of Luzerne Westcott. She was a member of the First Baptist Church and a most faithful Christian.

November 1895

100 Years Ago

The Republican landslide continued to roll along in even greater proportions as belated election returns came in from the West. Besides electing Harding, it was assured that the Republicans would increase their margin in both houses of Congress, and in particular in the Senate where the precarious control by one will be increased to a substantial working majority. Warren Gamaliel Harding celebrated the greatest birthday party of his life, the fifty-fifth, surrounded by members of his family and a circle of neighbors and personal friends which he received quietly at his home in Marion, Ohio as news of his landslide victory poured in.

November 1920

60 Years Ago

U.S. Navy: High school seniors and graduates may compete in national examinations to be held on December 10, 1960 for the U.S. Navy’s Reserve Officer Training Corps. Applications to enter this competition must be filed by November 18, 1960. Winners receive all tuition, fees and books, an annual retainer of $600 a year for four years while in college. Thus, a young man is able to earn a
naval commission while studying at a civilian college which has an NROTC Unit. A student under this program goes on training cruises as a Navy midshipman during his summer vacations.

November 1960

40 Years Ago

The trial of Darragh Dolan, accused in the drowning death of his bride of only three months, 19-year-old Gheda, ended last Friday with a verdict of not guilty. The verdict announcement brought to an end more than thirteen hours of deliberation for the 12-member jury, two weeks of testimony and court appearances for the 22-year-old defendant. Dolan is said to have exclaimed, “My God, I can’t believe it” following the announcement. Dolan is said to have told police that he urged his wife to jump into the Susquehanna River in Portlandville, knowing that she could not swim, and then did not go in after her. Witnesses also testified that Dolan encouraged her to enter the water. The jury was instructed by Judge Mogavero, however, that they could not reach a guilty verdict solely on the confession Dolan was said to have made to police. Dolan maintained that testimony given by police regarding his statements was incorrect.

November 1980

20 Years Ago

Advertisement – VOTE FOR OTSEGO COUNTY – This Election Day cast a vote for Otsego County – and the rest of rural America – by taking part in the Rural Voter Challenge, where rural voters are urged to stand up and be counted.
Is Rural America Losing Its Voice? Since 1960, Otsego County turnout in Presidential Election years has declined by 30 percent. Similar declines have been posted in much of rural America. It is perhaps not surprising that rural issues have been increasingly ignored by the major political parties and their candidates and platforms. Make Your Vote Count! With a goal of 100 percent participation by all registered voters, Otsego County can stand out as a place where voters take their duty seriously. If the rest of rural America were to follow the example, the issues that matter most to us would begin to matter more to the candidates and officials who set the political agenda. What Can You Do? Schedule a specific time to vote – Don’t let a Busy Day Keep You Away. Teach Democracy by Bringing Your Children to the Polls With You. Encourage Friends and Family to Vote and Help Them Get to the Polls. Remind Friends and Co-Workers To Go To The Polls. Call Your Favorite Candidate’s Campaign Office If You Need a Ride to the Polls. VOTE – Support Your Favorite Candidate and Your Rural Heritage on ELECTION DAY, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2000.

November 2000

10 Years Ago

The official results will be firmed up over the next few days. But, on Election Night 2010, it appeared this year’s Republican wave had lapped across Otsego County. In the wee hours of Wednesday, November 3, both the New York Times and Associated Press were reporting that Otsego County’s two Democratic Congressmen, freshman Scott Murphy in the 20th District and two-term incumbent Mike Arcuri would be coming home as their seats in Congress will go to Republicans Richard Hanna and Chris Gibson.

November 2010

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