In Memory of John Heller, 46 Families Receive Ladders, Extinguishers

In Memory of John,

46 Families Receive

Ladders, Extinguishers

Erika Heller, with son Rawley, shows off the 22 fire extinguishers and 26 emergency ladders the Valleyview Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization purchased with funds donated in memory of her brother-in-law, John Heller, the former fire fighter who died saving Rawley and his brothers Maddox, Donovan and Macall, as well as fiancee Amber Roe, from a fire in Dec. 2018. Over $1,500 was raised to purchase the fire safety equipment, meaning that every family who requested an item received one free of charge. The equipment was also tagged in Heller’s memory with a card, shown at right. “We lost John, but an important conversation was started,” said Heller. “Needs were identified, and thanks to so many generous donors, more families in Oneonta can be safe. It all began with Johnny’s sacrifice for our family and he would be proud to know that he is still helping to save lives.” Parents can pick up their requested items today and tomorrow after school.

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