Letter: Diplomacy the only route

Letter: Diplomacy the only route

After fighting in Afghanistan for 20 years and spending more than 1.5 trillion dollars and accomplishing nothing but starvation for millions and political instability in the country, the withdrawal was the correct step.

What did the United States learn from this terrible mistake, which cost the American taxpayer $300 million a day for 20 years? It seems that our current government had not learned anything to avoid making the same mistake again in Ukraine.

Let’s stop this warmongering rhetoric in the US. A diplomatic solution to the crisis is of utmost importance at this juncture. Let’s cease the belligerent talk and sit down at the diplomatic table to start talking about the amount of money and the number of innocent lives that could be saved on both sides. Let’s learn from all the past wars. War only brings destruction as revealed by human history.

Let Anthony Blinken sit down with Russian President Putin and his Secretary of State to have a serious diplomatic talk to stay away from war. That is the only solution to avoid bloodshed and waste of money. Even if the U.S. and Russia decided to fight, at the end, when one side is victorious, they have to sit down to find a diplomatic solution for the future. Why not find this diplomatic solution now without fighting the war? This will save many lives and enormous destruction. War is an utter waste of human and monetary resources.

Let the people of Ukraine — not just their president — decide whether to join NATO. Let the superpowers stay away from interfering in Ukraine’s internal affairs.

President Biden, Vice President Harris, and the United States Congress, I urge you to find a diplomatic solution in Ukraine. It will be unwise to fight the war with Russians. They are our friends who fought with us to win World War II.

Let’s do the right thing and not wipe out the progress your administration has made in controlling COVID, taking action on climate degradation, creating jobs, helping the families in need and withdrawing from Afghanistan. Let’s not repeat the same mistake.

Dr. Ashok Kumar Malhotra
Emeritus SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor

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