Oneonta Hotel Due Back In Court

Oneonta Hotel

Due Back In Court

ONEONTA – Citing an insufficient building permit application, the City of Oneonta will once again bring the owners of the former Oneonta Hotel to court.

“The application did not even come close to remedying the deficiencies,” said Mayor Gary Herzig.

In September, County Judge John Lambert told owner Melania Pervu that she had until Oct. 15 to file all the necessary building permits to bring the former hotel – now rented as low-income housing – up to code, including fixing a leaking roof and electrical issues, while the city was tasked with detailing the code violations in a memo, which they delivered by the Oct. 1 deadline imposed by the court.

If the permits were approved by the city, the work on the building had to be completed by Jan. 11, 2019. According to Lambert, failure to correct all the violations would result in the building being vacated and Pervu held in contempt of court.

However, with an insufficient building permit, the issues will not be corrected in time to meet the court’s deadline. The court date is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 3


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