Original Adirondack Furnishing ‘Sold!’ At Christopher’s Auction

Original Adirondack Furnishing

‘Sold!’ At Christopher’s Auction

Above, Ramona Schafsteck, Cherry Valley, with the help of friend Nancy Manganaro, detaches one of two decorative bears she bought yesterday as Brzostek’s Auction Service sold off the contents of the Adirondack-style Christoper’s Motel, many of the items hand-crafted. Adjacent Christopher’s Restaurant burned in April, and, according to talk at the auction, owner Marty Patton’s plan is to raze this structure, clearing a sizable parcel of coveted Southside Oneonta real estate for redevelopment. At right, auctioneer Ernest Brzostek, assistant by wife Martha, auctions off a room’s-worth of content at a time, for prices ranging from $200 for all the contents to $800-plus. (Jim Kevlin/AllOTSEGO.com)

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