Roaming Buffalo Worry Neighbors In Cherry Valley


Roaming Buffalo

Worry Neighbors

In Cherry Valley

Some 80-100 buffalo have reportedly escaped and have been roaming in the Town of Cherry Valley all weekend. (Photos courtesy WKTV)

CHERRY VALLEY – A herd of 80-100 Buffalo reported on the loose in this town’s Honey Hill Road section for almost are still at large and worrying neighbors, according to a post by Lisa Hershey, who lives in the town.

“This is real and serious,” she said, adding that people are carrying shotguns in the event they need to protect themselves.

“Their average speed is 35 miles per hour and they weigh 2,500 pounds,” she said.  “They are aggressive and charge and can’t be herded.  They can run through pretty much any fence.”

A neighbor, Lucy Proper, who was out of town, told WKTV she arrived home Friday to find the herd had been loose for four days.   “They’re wreaking damage,” she said.  “We’re loosing all our second cutting; they are destroying hay bales.”

She alerted state police and DEC police, but Hershey was reporting today the situation has yet to be resolved.

3 thoughts on “Roaming Buffalo Worry Neighbors In Cherry Valley

  1. Ralph A Perritano Jr

    Escaped from where? Or are they just reclaiming their God given land, possibly by eminent domain.

  2. Marie lotus

    Leave the poor animals alone. They nowhere to roam. Stop taking what’s left of there land.

  3. Jim Richardson

    So? Where are they now? This herd crossed my daughter’s road shortly after their escape and closeup photos were taken and published. I don’t see anything else posted since very early August stating they were very slowly making their way home.
    So that’s it? Story finished? What was the outcome, were they rounded up, did they go home with their tails between their legs, were all accounted for, were any fines issued, was any property destroyed? You’ll never make the N.Y. Times as a reporter.
    Aww, I’m just teasing but I would like to hear about the conclusion to this story.
    Jim Richardson

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