“Shop With A Cop” Sees Successful “Trial Run”

‘Shop With A Cop’ Program

Sees Successful Trial Run

By CHRYSTAL SAVAGE • Special to www.AllOTSEGO.com

COOPERSTOWN – “Shop with a Cop” came to Cooperstown this holiday season after a tip from Principal Tracy Durkee at Cooperstown Elementary.

Pictured – from left to right – with his father, Patrolman Katie Mulcare and Corporal James Kelman, this year’s shop with the cop recipient smiles beneath his mask with a few treats from Wal-Mart and Dunkin Donuts on Southside in Oneonta.

According to Durkee, Village Chief of Police Frank Cavalieri reached out to her explaining that they had the means to give back to a student with a shopping trip to Walmart and would appreciate her input on identifying the recipient.

The concept was new to the department this year. One second grade child was served and the trial run” went well.

Durkee, who was new to the district in July, called on her grade level chairs and other resources for their input and experience with a number of deserving students. After a list was put together, Durkee reviewed items such as report cards and landed on this year’s recipient.

“He was perfect,” she said.

The boy was “cute,” “chatty,” and “selfless,” according to Cavalieri. “He got gifts for his siblings and his parents too.”

Durkee recounts her conversations with Cavalieri following the event saying, “[Cavalieri] was so excited to spend time with a student; it was beautiful.”

“I hold our community partnerships dear. Any time we are able to strengthen and improve the school’s and our student’s vital relationships with the community, we do it,” Durkee said. “It’s important that our students see our police resources.”

According to Patrolman Katie Mulcare and Corporal James Kelman, the recipient was very excited about shopping for himself and his family, but he was perhaps most eager to get some mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Wal-Mart in Oneonta opened up a register for the transaction in the automotive department and the officers paid for the items via funds in their Police Benevolent Association funds.

“We enjoyed doing it and we are glad we were able to give back,” Kelman stated.

Mulcare is eager to expand the program next year with plans to set up a fund for the program.

Durkee is also excited to see the program grow, calling this experience “monumental” and “enlightening” for herself and others as members of a “tight-knit community during an unprecedented year.”

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