Sidney Animal Shelter Saves ‘Florence’ Dogs

Animal Rescue Saves

Dogs From Florence

2 Due To Arrive In Oneonta Saturday

Hobbs is one of four dogs being rescued from a South Carolina shelter in the path of Hurricane Florence. He is due in Oneonta Saturday.

SIDNEY Today, Sidney’s Pibbles & More Animal Rescue (PMAR) announced a partnership with a North Carolina animal shelter that needs to evacuate shelter animals due to impending Hurricane Florence.

Saturday, two of the four dogs, Allie and Hobbs, will arrive in New York. They will welcomed by volunteer foster care homes in the Oneonta area. Allie and Hobbs will stay with their foster homes where they will be available for adoption. The other two dogs will be in foster care volunteer homes in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

PMAR Coordinator Jennifer Strickler is asking her team if volunteer foster homes had space for one more animal that needs to be evacuated, said Jill Stafford, Pibbles transport coordinator and foster home volunteer.

“Four of us were able to step up and offer a safe haven for these animals that would have been euthanized due to safety risks of Hurricane Florence,” said Strickler.  “These dogs were picked up from the shelter one hour before they were scheduled to be euthanize. We were literally their last option.”

Founded in 2010 in Sidney, Pibbles & More Animal Rescue was created for the purpose of rescuing homeless and abandoned companion animals.

“I have been fostering for PMAR for three years now and it is personally gratifying to help a shelter dog find its forever family,” said Michele Rowe, Volunteer Foster Care Home. “I was incredibly happy to take in a dog being impacted by the hurricane and provide them safety.”

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