STERNBERG: In COVID Era, Makin’ Whoopee


In COVID Era, Makin’ Whoopee

Richard Sternberg, retired Bassett Hospital orthopedic surgeon, is providing his professional perspective weekly during the COVID-19
threat. A village trustee,
he resides in Cooperstown.

Even in the throes of a major worldwide pandemic that has killed over a million people, will probably kill millions more, has damaged the health of at least as many, and caused an economic recession, there is still a need for scientific research to progress.

COVID-2 has spurred thousands of studies and research papers in all fields but I think I found the one that probably tops them all.

Every day I get at least a dozen emails of services listing articles that may be of interest to any of those interested in COVID.

In one there was listed the following article; “Benefits of Sexual Activity on Psychological, Relational and Sexual Health During the COVID-19 Breakout.”

This recently was accepted for publication in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the official publication of the International Society of Sexual Medicine

The study was principally carried out by the chairman and members of the Section of Endocrinology & Medical Sexology (you can’t make this stuff up), Department of Systems Medicine of the University of Rome (Italy, not New York) and was relatively long at 4,700 words, not including charts, appendices, and references.

A web-based multi-question survey was used to perform a case control study; 6,821 were enrolled. Multiple statistical analysis techniques were used to analyze the data and the results were divided into different bundles.

The conclusion of the study was: “COVID-19 lockdown dramatically impacted on psychological, relational and sexual health of the population. In this scenario, sexual activity played a protective effect,
in both genders, on the quarantine-related plague of anxiety and mood disorders.”

In other words, sex is good.

Considering the large number of statistical techniques used, the slicing and dicing of the data and the amount of time this had to require, this is what their final conclusion was?

This sounds like a candidate for the late Senator William Proxmire’s Golden Fleece Awards for research of dubious value or obvious results.

Next week, back to the doom and gloom.

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