STERNBERG: Revolution NOT Yet Won, Minority Designations Show


Revolution NOT Yet Won,

Minority Designations Show

To the Editor:

I think your editorial in last week’s newspaper about the installation of SUNY Oneonta’s new president made a gross mistake in concluding: “The revolution is over. It’s won.”

The revolution, or whatever the changes have been, are not over. There has been improvement, especially in our society, but the “battle” has not been won.
I crowed at my minority friends exactly the same sentiment when Barack Obama became president. I said that proved that we were a post-racial society in the U.S. and they scoffed and cited many examples of subtle and sometimes open discrimination and abuse and harassment. It still occurs.

Only recently the Cooperstown Village Board addressed an issue of public harassment by reaffirming and strengthening its resolution of equal treatment for everyone. And improvement really can only be seen in open behavior. People’s attitudes change more slowly.

More and more people are now feeling stronger to come forward about any harassment they have faced such as sexual, by workers, bosses, community members, etc. Which is a huge plus from where we initially were. Some who are worried about coming forward can click here and see how they can be helped through this difficult time.

You point out earlier in your editorial: When do we stop saying the nth female, gay, black, Islamic anything we will be close.

Yes, in fact you are guilty of this when you point out that Chancellor Johnson is “an openly gay woman.” I did not find in the paper any comment about anyone else’s
sexual or gender identity.

Only when this and all other “minority designations” don’t matter one damn bit will the “revolution be over.”

Village Trustee Cooperstown

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