SUNY Investigates Off-Campus Parties, Suspends Sorority

SUNY Investigates

Off-Campus Parties,

Suspends Sorority

With 13 Cases Confirmed, Plus

Quarantines, Rush Week Halted

CDC image of the coronavirus

ONEONTA – As COVID-19 cases multiply in the campus community, SUNY Oneonta President Barbara Jean Morris is cracking down, announcing late yesterday:

• SUNY Oneonta’s Office of Community Standards has opened an investigation into student  off-campus parties that may violate city law, and will discipline students or student organizations found in violation of the campus code.

• In response to complaints, the college yesterday suspended all fraternity and sorority “rush” and recruitment events, on and off campus.  “Rushing” is the annual fraternity recruitment process.  Any fraternity of sorority that flouts the order will face suspension.

• A sorority has been suspended due to allegations it violated the the Greek Code of Conduct.

Dr. Morris
President Morris

“As the college learns of situations that may compromise the health of our campus or the greater Oneonta community, we will act swiftly to hold individuals and organizations accountable,” the president said.

To step up containment measures, SUNY headquarters is helping the college develop a plan that will allow testing of all campus employees and students. It is expected that these tests will begin in stages today.

Yesterday, SUNY Oneonta learned that six more students had tested positive for COVID-19. All six are isolating off campus. Consistent with state Department of Health guidance, the college will perform extra cleaning of any space on campus where an affected student has spent time.

Since the start of the fall semester on Monday, there have been 13 confirmed cases on the campus. Another 29 students are quarantining on campus because they have had close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, the college announced.

The county Department of Health (DOH) is conducting contact tracing of students who test positive for COVID-19. The DOH will attempt to notify others with whom the affected students may have had close contact. Any affected student can only resume normal activities upon approval of the DOH.

One thought on “SUNY Investigates Off-Campus Parties, Suspends Sorority

  1. Tom James

    What is happening with the parents of the underage drinking party that spread covid? Or are they getting off as they work for Bassett? They should be held to a higher standard than college students.

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