Twelve Tribes Outstanding Citizens; Leave Them Alone


Twelve Tribes Outstanding

Citizens; Leave Them Alone

To the Editor:

I wish the people who attend churches here in Oneonta would do more research before jumping to false conclusions about the Twelve Tribes.

First of all, how many people have carefully and thoroughly read what they believe on their public website titled, “Frequently Asked Questions – The Twelve Tribes”? These people have nothing to hide, no fear of persecution or adversity, and they share what they believe publicly without leaving questions ignored or unanswered.

I may disagree with these people on certain issues, but I have to admire the way they speak and fellowship with those who don’t believe or understand the Bible the way they do. The Twelve Tribes have always been fair with me and they have the integrity to let everyone know the reasons for their views instead of silencing their opponents.

In this rather small group of people, whose faith and Bible beliefs center on community and everyone living together (as a bee hive), they have been a target of false accusations such as child abuse.

For one thing, I know from multiple encounters with the families in their home, and a guest many times at the Yellow Deli and in their house, that there is absolutely no child abuse there. Just happy, loving, well-disciplined kids.

If the people of other churches would do their homework and open their minds to both sides of the story, they wouldn’t fall victim to the propaganda being spread in their own religion. If the Twelve Tribes really are a deluded and dangerous cult, then why are they so transparent while the churches who speak evil of them will only let their own views be heard?



5 thoughts on “Twelve Tribes Outstanding Citizens; Leave Them Alone

  1. Wade

    Nobody is criticizing these people for their religious beliefs. Drugging and exploiting children is where most people will draw a line.

  2. Jason Hewlett

    These comments are further proof that people are still jumping to conclusions, not doing a careful and thorough investigation on both sides of the story. Most people, especially Christians and people who attend churches ARE criticizing the Twelve Tribes for what they believe. Ironically most pastors and churches leaders will admit that. Ask them, they will tell you. And the Twelve Tribes flatly oppose any kind of drug use. Their public website “Frequently Asked Questions–Twelve Tribes” will answer every question that uninformed people may have.

  3. Joyce

    The aversion baptism is most likely how they get microchips into people. Possibly with a GHB eyedropper. Ask yourself if they are a CIA front organization?

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