Bound Volumes: 09-15-22

Bound Volumes

September 15, 2022

Items – A process has been discovered in Germany by which white crystallized sugar is made in 12 hours from beet root.
The deaths in New Orleans from Yellow Fever are said to be 100 daily. More than 40,000 people have been down with Yellow Fever at Sierra Leone.
The damage of the late hurricane at Barbadoes is estimated at $500,000. About 1,000 lives were lost in the late disasters in the West India Islands. There has been another terrible gale at Charleston, S.C. Damage not extensive.

September 18, 1837

Miss Emily Nelson, of Bridgeport, CT., has long been a prominent educator of young ladies. We remember her when she was a little girl living in Hyde Park, where she and her brother afterwards kept a boarding school. Recently, Miss Nelson received a present from Merida, Yucatan, in the shape of an educated, jeweled bug. It has a harness of gold and is jeweled with precious stones, and is the gift of Signora Fuentes, of Merida, Yucatan, whose daughter, Senorita Evelie y Fuentes, has passed the last three years as a pupil at Miss Nelson’s seminary on Golden Hill. Her bestowal of the live, educated, jeweled bug as a gift is considered in Yucatan as a high distinction. The bugs are extremely difficult to educate and are looked upon by the lower classes as the particular property of royalty. Miss Nelson is very proud and justly very happy over her bug, and wears it constantly, while out driving or shopping. The insect is about the size of an ordinary black beetle. The coloring of the shell is a brilliant, sparkling Nile green, edged off with black.

September 23, 1887

Clyde B. Olson, curator of the Cooperstown Indian Museum, addressed the September 12 meeting of the Cooperstown Woman’s Club on the topic “Indians of Our Locality.” He mentioned that in New York State, the Indians were mostly Iroquois, great hunters and pottery makers. Many interesting articles, which have been excavated by Mr. Olson and friends, were passed among the club members — pipes, points, sinker stones, arrowheads, drills, scrapers, stone gouge, beads, early pottery, etc. It was interesting to learn that Indians introduced tobacco to the white man.

September 19, 1962

The Cooperstown Central School Board of Education met Wednesday night and completed the first reading of the seat-belt installation and usage policy. A decision was made by the board to adopt Option A, which states the use of seat safety belts will not be required by the district. Their use will be up to the discretion of and encouragement by parents.

September 23, 1987

Bassett Healthcare employees gathered Monday to watch construction crews raise the first beam of Bassett’s expansion plan into place atop the inpatient facility. The creation of a new fifth floor will house an expansion of the hospital’s critical care complex. The Bassett Healthcare Initiative, which brings cardiac surgery and angioplasty to the region, begins in early 2003. In the new facility, hospital patient rooms will be larger and there will be more private rooms.

September 21, 2002

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