BOUND VOLUMES: March 11, 2021


March 11, 2021


In our notice last week, of the result of town elections in this county, we did injustice to the Town of Decatur, by stating that she had elected an opposition man for supervisor, and now make amends by correcting the error and asserting the fact, that Col. Robert C. Lansing, a firm democrat is elected – thus, of the 22 towns, placing Richfield alone in the opposition ranks, and in her case we learn that the majority was only 5! Another year will redeem Richfield from her political fatuity.

March 14, 1836

160 Years Ago

A Large Boy for his Age – There is a boy born and residing in the town of Springfield, Otsego County, by the name of James L. Gilchrist, son of A.F. Gilchrist, who on the first of March, 1861, was 17 years and 35 days of age, whose weight is 305 pounds; his height is five feet seven inches; he girts around his body 4 feet, 9 inches; around his thigh, 2 feet, 9 inches; his arm 1 foot, 7 inches. His health is good, looks fine, feels well. He keeps up with the men in the harvest field, and on the farm generally; stands the heat as well as the rest of the men. And, at the dance, he is not surpassed by many. Now if the County of Otsego, or even the State, can beat him, we should like to hear from it. S.B., Springfield.

March 15, 1861

135 Years Ago

Regents’ Examinations – Following is the result of last week’s examinations in the Cooperstown Union School: 24 passed in Geography; 15 in Civil Government; 14 in Arithmetic; 14 in Physical Geography; 14 in Physiology; 12 in Grammar; 12 in Rhetoric; 10 in Spelling; 10 in American History; 10 in Plane Geometry; 8 in Astronomy; 7 in Caesar; 6 in Geology; 6 in Political Economy; 5 in Moral Philosophy; 5 in Bookkeeping; 5 in Algebra; 3 in Elementary Physics; 2 in English History; 2 in Botany; 1 in Higher Algebra; 1 in German; 1 in English Literature; 1 in Mental Philosophy; and 1 in Greek Composition. A claim is made for 12 preliminary certificates, 6 academic diplomas and 4 intermediate certificates.

March 13, 1886

110 Years Ago

Out of the banquet at Carr’s Hotel last Wednesday night there sprouted a permanent organization of the former members of the old Phinney Hose Co. with the following officers: C.W. Davidson, president; E.D. Stocker, vice-president; Peter Hotaling, second vice-president; Frank Hale, secretary; and N.P. Willis, treasurer. Louis Frankewich, M.E. Lippitt, Frank Mulkins, M.F. Augur and E.D. Stocker were appointed to act as an entertainment committee. It is planned to have a reunion next summer, when many of the old members who reside at a distance can be gotten together. The Phinney Hose Company was very popular in its day and its natty uniforms of blue and white, with glistening helmets, made an imposing appearance. The company was organized in 1871. There are believed to be more than a hundred former members who can be located. Louis Frankewich, an old Phinney boy who returned to town a few months ago, is the prime mover in stirring up the old members for a permanent organization.

March 8, 1911

85 Years Ago

Discussing the campaign of enforcement of traffic regulations which has been in progress in this village for several weeks, Mayor Lester J. Clark on Saturday called special attention to the excellent work performed by the traffic patrols of Boy Scout Troop No. 12 in protecting the approaches to the high school before and after school. “Although the new police provisions have made these patrols no longer necessary, the scouts did a fine service for which the village authorities as well as the entire community are deeply grateful,” the mayor said.

March 11, 1936


Members of the Cooperstown Central School boys’ basketball team were honored at the awards assembly at the high school on Thursday. The team won the Center State League championship this year. The CCS band, under the direction of Pershing R. Dickinson, played a rousing march as everyone marched into the gym. Lester G. Bursey, director of athletics, was master of ceremonies. Mr. Bursey first introduced the starting five members of the squad – John and Jim Schaeffer, Don Rogers, Tim Feury and Joe Booan. The supporting players were then called up – Vernon Frey, Jim Moyer, Ken Wertheim, Don Wertheim, Doug Dickinson, Ron Smith and Tom Weeks. Jacob H. Schaeffer, the school’s vice-principal, was then introduced and honored as the Number One Basketball Fan of the Year. Mr. Schaeffer told in historic fashion of bygone days when he rode on the bus with Mr. Bursey and his teams, congratulating him when they won and consoling him when they were defeated.

March 8, 1961


Coach Dick White’s CCS boys’ basketball team defeated Adirondack 77-63 in a come-from-behind victory to capture the Section III, Class C championship. The Redskins then advanced in inter-sectional competition, defeating Potsdam 74-69 with a five-point surge with seconds remaining. The Redskins’ season then ended with a school record 24 season wins after they lost to Odessa-Montour 66-60.

March 12, 1986


Stuart Taugher is running on the Democratic ticket for one of two three-year village trustee positions in the election set for March 13. When asked why he is running for a trustee position, Taugher admitted, “I had to do an awful lot of thinking.” Taugher added that a desire to have a voice in ongoing sewer upgrades and changes proposed for Doubleday Field were a factor in his decision. Taugher said that pressure coming from the state level to track village effluent and an increasing amount of regular sewage from the influx of tourists and bed and breakfast properties make security for the water system a priority. He also supports good guidelines for zoning. Challenged to disclose what he likes about Cooperstown, Taugher declared: “It would take me a long time to explain that.”

March 9, 2001


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