City Inspector Threatened Over Malfunctioning Furnace In Former Oneonta Hotel

City Inspector Allegedly

Threatened When Boiler

Malfunctioned In Hotel

189 Main is at the corner. The former Oneonta Hotel is to the right.

ONEONTA – Nicolae Pervu, owner of the former Oneonta Hotel at 195 Main St., allegedly threatened a City of Oneonta Code Enforcement Inspector after he reported to the scene of a malfunctioning boiler that filled the building at 189 Main with carbon dioxide.

“Our inspector left the building because he felt threatened by Mr. Pervu,” said Mayor Gary Herzig.

The issues began with the Oneonta Fire Department responded to 189 Main, where carbon monoxide detectors were going off. Firefighters found high levels of carbon monoxide in the building and evacuated the tenants, which include the offices of LEAF Inc, Otsego Now and several law offices.

According to Assistant Fire Chief Jim Maloney, the carbon monoxide from the malfunctioning furnace went through a vent located near the fresh air intake of 189 Main St., leading to high levels of carbon monoxide in the building and setting off the building’s carbon monoxide detectors.

Upon further inspection, Herzig said, the inspector found that tape had been placed over one of the air intakes on the boiler. It was then that Pervu allegedly confronted the inspector, who left the building out of fear for his personal safety.

The boiler was turned off, and Herzig did not know if a backup boiler was being used to heat the building. By early afternoon, he said, tenants returned to 189 Main St. with no injures reported.

Last week, inspectors from the Code Enforcement office released their report, which detailed 90 outstanding violations still remaining in the 195 Main Street,  including holes in the walls, broken heating units and ceiling tiles blocking the sprinkler system.

On Thursday, City Attorney David Merzig met with Judge John Lambert’s law clerk, who asked the city to file an Order to Show Cause, which will include the inspector’s report, photos and recommendations for punishment for the Pervus, who the city believes have failed to bring the building up to code by Judge Lambert’s Jan. 11 deadline.

“I imagine we’re going to include this in the Order to Show Cause,” said Herzig.

10 thoughts on “City Inspector Threatened Over Malfunctioning Furnace In Former Oneonta Hotel

  1. Anonymous

    what was the issue??carbon dioxide?? or carbon “Monoxide”??
    I would like to see interview with current (and if possible) past owner to get their side of the far this all seems one sided?? don’t forget there is always at least two sides to every story.. you owe it to your readers to show BOTH sides!!

  2. Nancy

    I’m sure the city will do everything it can with respect to providing grant funding to make this building habitable.

  3. Dave

    With respect to “anonymous”, sometimes there aren’t “two sides to the story”. Sometimes there is only ONE side…the FACTS. In this case, the facts clearly show this building has not been properly and safely maintained by the current, and possibly the previous, owners.

  4. Gary

    Surprised that place hasn’t cost people’s LIVES. Used to know a girl who lived in that hole, between the tenants and the building I was surprised she survived.

  5. Anonymous

    Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are 2 very different things, and recommend that this article be corrected so that people are informed correctly….

  6. Brendan Murphy

    I believe my initial comment on this article was altered and then posted. If that’s true I am losing respect for this publication. Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide are two very different GASES. Check your facts, check your spelling and check your quotes.

  7. george

    Funny to me the building inspector felt threatened does he not have a set of you know what a building inspector has a lot of power and it seems he can not control a situation in a calm tone and set the situation straight on the needs of the building dept. Does not seem like real story to me.

  8. Tatiana Neroni

    So, Mark Oursler, court attorney for Judge John Lambert is now teaching the City of Oneonta what to put into their pleadings? Seems like advocacy to me. Will Judge Lambert recuse now?

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