COVID Hospitalizations Up To 11, Bond Reports

16 New Cases, Some From Thanksgiving Exposure

COVID Hospitalizations

Up To 11, Bond Reports

CDC image of coronavirus

COOPERSTOWN – 11 people are now hospitalized with COVID, the first time county hospitalizations have broken double-digits since the start of the pandemic, Otsego County Public Health Director Heidi Bond reported this evening.

“Most of them have been sick for a couple of weeks,” she said. “But they’re remaining sicker for longer periods of time.”

All those hospitalized are over 5o, she said. “Now that it’s more in the community, older people are being exposed and they’re developing severe complications,” she said.

In addition to the hospitalizations, 16 new cases were reported today, including “several” who became symptomatic after attending Thanksgiving celebrations. One of those, she said, reported that they had traveled over the holiday weekend.


2 thoughts on “COVID Hospitalizations Up To 11, Bond Reports


    Absolutely loved yesterday’s social media meme concerning our ability to recognize jerks when we are out in public! Prior to the pandemic, it was necessary to stop and speak with a person before forming an opinion. These days, it’s easy to identify a jerk. All one has to do is look to see if someone is out in public without wearing a mask!

  2. Mask wearer

    Bad people wear masks all the time it’s there specialty. Fitting in and not being recognized, look at Ted Bundy, I agree people should wear masks but it should not become the new way to judge a person. We should be looking to help one another.

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