Greetings, Friends (with apologies to The New Yorker)

Greetings, Friends (with apologies to The New Yorker)

Greetings, Friends! The time is nigh
To bid this Covid Year good-bye.
We’ve had enough, we’ve played our parts
Stayed home alone filling Amazon carts.
And cleaning our closets and working online
Making do with our WiFi that’s not always fine.

We’ve said goodbye to some friends, to some relatives too
Our families we’ve not seen, travel’s been so taboo.
Goodbye ’21, au revoir, off you go 
Adios and kwaheri, arrivederci, adjo. 
Go away ’21! But wait! Not before
TFJ has its way with some thank-yous galore.

Here’s to Ellen, our mayor, and our Village so green
To Dep. Cindy Falk and to Hanna Bergene
Joe Membrino, Richard Sternberg, Jeanne Dewey, 
Mac Benton
You invite us to meetings and hear things we vent on.
But we do thank you all for the great work you do
‘Cause we know you’ll continue right through ’22.

Mayor Herzig we thank for his selfless devotion
That kept Oneonta in full-forward motion.
His successor, Mayor Drnek, has a tough act to follow,
But brings with him to work ideas far from shallow.
Common Council-ers have an agenda on tap
For more City growth and a spot on the map.

Our policemen and firemen, EMS saints worked so hard
In this year of disasters, these months of en garde. 
We owe all of you plenty, you’ve fought such a good fight
Not to mention our crews, out day and night
In rain, snow and sleet they keep our streets clear
And always that siren yells loud in our ear.

Hats off to Dave Bliss, long he’s kept us in tow
From Middlefield to Otsego, a mighty far mow
Margaret Kennedy’s behind him, and more Reps as well
They’re strong and they’re watchful, and clear as a bell.
To all County workers, whatever your ranks,
On behalf of us all, we send you our thanks.

Here’s to LJ and Wayne and their sassy boutique
To the Mingo’s new Market, rental boats that don’t leak. 
Hurray! Joe and his restaurants, NY Pizza, Bocca, Upstate
Just waiting to welcome Dreams Park’s aggregate.
For Alex’s World Bistro, long we’ll hold our thoughts dear
To Mel’s and the Hawkeye, the Diner’s one-hundredth year.

Toscana and Stagecoach, may you continue to please
And Doubleday and Sal’s, you’re just the bees knees. 
Here comes Natty Bumppo, of Mexican lean,
To supply our good town with some nachos and beans.
Autumn and B-Side, a cheery hello,
And every great restaurant there in ‘Big O’!

Spurbeck’s and Schneider’s have been here a long time
The Farmers’ Market too, with its fresh food sublime. 
Cooperstown Natural Foods is a place to behold
Its produce organic, on Dave and Ellen we’re sold.
And just so we don’t mess up with the here and the now
We welcome a new one, that friendly Green Cow.

Thumbs up Country Club Auto Group and 
Five Star Subaru
They’ll sell us good cars when they find one that’s new.
Our banks are still here, B of C, NBT, Key
Bother not with the crypto, they have cash for a fee.
Our realtors, too, showing people around
When they want to relocate in city or town.

Fenimore, Farmers’ — your shows are a pleasure
The Hall’s virtual Induction a success beyond measure.
‘Cesca’s Glimmerglass Festival had a rip-roaring season
With productions outside, rain or shine, for good reason.
Film fests and music and artists galore,
Our region keeps calling you back for more!

Here’s to Bassett, its hospitals, clinics and posts
May you treat us well with the procedures you boast
Whether it’s care that’s called health, convenient and prime
Or a center or network — will we find you in time?
We salute you, Drs. Ibrahim and LeCates
For seeing the light through some messy old grates.

The Smithy holds forth with its shows and clay pots
And Bruce Hall, now a century, 
has pine boards, some with knots.
Church & Scott’s over 100, they say
It got sold by the Adsits, and the jelly beans stay. 
Nearby is Ace Hardware, an emporium for good cause
They’ll feed dogs, birds and rabbits, fix electrics, 
blowers and saws.

Don’t forget our old clubs, on Main Street and beyond
The Vets and Mohican, where all the boys bond. 
And then there’s the Rotary, spreading good deeds 
and cheer
Otsego Sailing Club had for its commodore, Butch Weir. 
At Leatherstocking’s range you and your clubs can work
Then it’s out for 18, maybe joined by Tim Quirk.

Let’s not ever forget who’s behind Cooperstown’s fare
Thank you, Jane Forbes Clark, for your work 
and your care.
To each merchant and restaurant and diner and store
Bringing the life to this place we adore,
To all those who add to our regional bounty
We’re grateful that you’re in Otsego County.
And so, here we go, this New Year should be new
Not quite empty of Covid, but full of hope too.
Let’s gather our wits, send pandemics away
Bury those bad thoughts, try hard every day.
And get back to some normal, some semblance of real
It shouldn’t, and couldn’t, be a very big deal.

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