Jesse McCartney On The OH fest Stage

Jesse McCartney

Headlines OH-Fest

The Throwback Time Machine, top, described as a “video dance party that transports the audience back in time to the beginnings of pop music and takes them through its evolution right up to the present day,” plays for throngs of cheering concertgoers in Oneonta’s Neahwa Park last evening during the 12th annual OH-Fest, a spring celebration co-sponsored by SUNY Oneonta and Hartwick College.  Time Machine warmed up the crowd for the main event: Jesse McCartney, the actor and singer.   Before the event, Mayor Gary Herzig took to the stage welcoming the attendees to the concert and thank them for being a part of Oneonta’s diversity. He also reminded them to please be respectful of the community as they ventured home after the revelry has ended. (Ian Austin/


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