No Charges For Driver Who Injured 10

‘Medical Event’ Caused Crash That Injured 10

No Charges For Driver

In Richfield Springs Crash

The investigation into the December crash that injured 10 people on Main Street in Richfield Springs has been closed with no charges filed by Otsego County District Attorney John Muehl.  The driver, Kevin Ritton, a state fire marshal and the secretary of the Otsego County Emergency Services, experienced what Muehl described as a “medical event” while driving, which, in turn, caused the accident, which damaged four cars and sent 10 people to the hospital. “There was no evidence or criminality or intent,” said Muehl. “Therefor, the investigation is closed.” (Jim Kevlin/

3 thoughts on “No Charges For Driver Who Injured 10

  1. Christine Mott

    Was he evaluated at the scene or taken to the hospital immediately from the scene? Why such a long investigation if it was a “medical event?”

  2. Teena

    This is BS first he claimed it was brakes on his vehicle, and because he was cooperating with authorities apparently that means he free to go. Then approximately two weeks later he was taken to the hospital with a medical condition, after thorough investigation it was found there was nothing wrong with his vehicle so instead of charging him with the crime there using a medical condition as a excuse and it took them 5 months to come up with that to save his reputation. In the mean time there was 10 people injured and multiple cars had damages, I’m sure some people are still having nightmares over what happened to them. If this was anybody else we would be behind bars. I think personally if his medical issue is that severe he should permanently have his driver’s license revoked, to prevent this from ever happening again. I’m sure I will get alot of criticism for this post but everyone has a right to there own opinion.


    Just as for the pandemic, it is important to know all the facts and timeline and no opinion is necessary to be posted for the public. Of course, everyone is entitled to an opinion but sometimes it is better to keep it to themselves. Hoping no one else has to experience this unfortunate accident and aftermath.

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