Royal Chrysler Gives $10,000 Of Christmas Joy To Toys For Tots

Royal Chrysler Gives $10,000

Of Holiday Joy To Toys For Tots

With help from college students, police and Royal Chrystler employees, more than $10,000 worth of toys were donated to Toys for Tots annual toy drive. “Every year, we set an increasing goal,” said manager Rob Howard. “We hope to hit $12,000 next year.” The toys will be distributed to local families. Students, on left, are Austin Hughes, Jaclyn Logotto, Natalie Longo, Caroline Roman, Kate Wood, Karlene Ziegler, Nicole Johnston, and Emma Romeo. Royal Chrystler employees, on right, Amy Williams, Jeremy Hoyt, Tony Ross, Jim Westcott, Scott Pickwick, Brandon Shelly, Lee Bartlett, Erica Utter, Rob Howard, Heather Canahan and Josh Roe. (Ian Austin/

2 thoughts on “Royal Chrysler Gives $10,000 Of Christmas Joy To Toys For Tots

  1. Austin Hughes

    How is it that Royal Chrysler gets the headline about “giving $10,000” when really all these students pictured took time out of their busy schedules to set up the Santacon Bar Crawl Event. These students took turns tableing for 3 hours a night at local bars and restaurants so other students could purchase t-shirts and wristbands to raise money for these toys. On top of that they went to Wal-Mart and purchased all these gifts and transported them to the dealership in their own cars. This is a disgrace after all the hours these students put into organizing this event. They did this out of the kindness of their heart.

  2. Robert Howard

    There are several agencies involved.. Oneonta City Police – Marines – Veterans – Royal Auto- Salvation Army Of Oneonta – plus dozens more stop by Royal over 45 days to donate gifts under the direction of the Marines and Royal Auto….. Royal Auto is pictured because They are the Selected Center for drop off for the gifts and insures the safe arrival to all areas and counties involved. This is Royals Third year taken the total responsibility of the end results . How about we think about the kids and not get nasty around the Holidays…. After all isn’t that the main focus,….. Try to have a great Holiday and be cheerful.
    Rob Howard

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