Week By Week, All-Star Village Will Chart 2020


Week By Week,

All-Star Village

Will Chart 2020

WEST ONEONTA – Marty Patton, owner of Cooperstown All-Star Village, today announced the youth-baseball park has put together a flexible plan that may allow it to function through the 2020 season.

“We have decided to make a decision regarding the 2020 tournament… four weeks in advance of each week,” Patton wrote in a public letter.  Players’ families and coaches will then be advised if the tournaments will happen the weeks they are registered.

This week-by-week approach contrasts with Cooperstown Dreams Park’s decision to cancel the 2020 season outright.

Governor Cuomo has said the coronavirus influx may peak in 45 days, which would see a decline beginning in early May, a month before the youth-baseball tournament players would arrive.

8 thoughts on “Week By Week, All-Star Village Will Chart 2020

  1. Lori

    Perhaps he should share his refund policy as well? Unless of course, he doesn’t allow that.

  2. Leo Szymanski

    Marty Patton, on a name we know so well!! He’s acting a though he’s making his decisions based on the kids, and what they’d miss out on!! What a joke!! He makes more in one week then most around here make in a YEAR!! Has he offered to donate anything to help families that are suffering due to not being able to work!! OF COURSE NOT!!! I know first hand, I worked there!! He makes his living off of FAMILIES, baseball and children.He cannot stand kids,I’ve seen him berate a young college girl over a mistake and he bring her to tears!! I saw him tell at two little boys who were taking pictures in front of his new fountain and were touching it!! He said and I quote verbatim (because I’ll never forget it, I’m sure those boys won’t either), your father’s don’t make enough money to pay for it if you break it, so STAY AWAY!! HE won’t cancel unless he’s forced to!

  3. Chip Northrup

    That will be the health department’s decision, not the owner. Until there is a vaccine, adequate testing, onsite screening, effective quarantines and adequate capacity at hospitals, gatherings of tourists is not likely to happen any month soon. Start planning for next year.

  4. Earl

    It will not be safe in June for any of us to fly to NY. I don’t understand why the owner doesn’t make the responsible decision & cancel, Schools are cancelled for the remainder of the year. Would the boys even be allowed to bunk together? And the spectators have to sit so close to each other there’s no way to socially distance. Of course the boys want to play but be a adult and cancel. Would you want to be responsible for spreading covid 19? I would hope not.

  5. Jake

    There is no way it will be safe to have than may people there each week for baseball. How are they going to keep all those kids safe? How are they going to keep all the families safe? How are they going to keep everything sanitized? Each week they have 60 teams come in. That is about 720 players plus the coaches and umpires from all over the country.

  6. Darla Richins

    This is so ridiculous….. The baseball parks all over the country are shut down they can’t even practice… And even if they do go out to play what is there to do? Baseball hall of fame is closed for the season the boys have tickets for a Yankees game.. that’s not going to happen!! What is there to do out there if everything is closed? Be locked in our hotel rooms, that do not have any complimentary breakfast? Will any of the stores be opened?? We’re suppose to fly in to a NYC airport in the midst of everything being closed down?!?!? I’m just having a real hard time spending this kind of money to go somewhere that is supposed to be closed down!!!

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