Wilcox Staff Thanks Community At Museum’s Open House

Thank You, Swart Wilcox

Volunteers Tell Supporters

The staff of the Swart Wilcox House hosted an open house this afternoon in appreciation to all supporters who helped preserve Oneonta’s oldest surviving house and continue to prosper. Above, volunteers Norma Slawson, Debby Clough, Loraine Tyler, Pat Follett, Ann Schulz, Helen Rees, Richard Tyler, Ginny Pudelka and Len Pudelka pose for a photo on the lawn with a celebratory cake made by Barbara Clark, Otego. All but two items in the house were donated by local people from. Inset, Debby Clough holds up one of three nightgowns originally from the house donated by Ken Jones (on left) and wife Andrea. “We got them in an auction in 1974.” explained Jones. “They were in a box with other fabric and sugar bags. Even used fabric was valuable back then; they didn’t throw anything out.” Markers were also placed around the property in honor of Fred Morris, Mary Konstanty and Bill Slawson. (Ian Austin/AllOTSEGO.com)

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