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The Freeman’s Journal • Hometown Oneonta

April 14, 2022


They are the champions! Meet the Laurens Central School Jaguars SA-1 Winter Guard, fresh off their championship turn at the Mid York Color Guard Circuit’s competition on April 2 in Clifton Park. Top row, left to right, Athena Saggese, Sophie Gilmore, and Mackenzie Budine; center row, left to right, Sierra Rondeau, Natalie Davis, Mallory Kovacs, and Alexis Cole; lower row, left to right, Alicia Stevens, Isabella Failla, Emma Hughes, and Mackenzie Louden. Read all about their victory and all the work it takes to keep the team at peak performance in our story HERE.


Laurens Color Guard wins regional championship

State Police Conclude Hartwick Incident An Accident

Remembering Vincenza Alessi

Inside The Paper

Otsego County, Mohawk Valley group team up to go green

North American Cashmeres, junior apprentice program among Hulse Hill’s treasures

League of Women Voters talk democracy at the local level

Gas tax holiday, drinks-to-go, volunteer fire department aid in state’s $220 billion budget

Springfield Man Charged With Ghost Gun Felony Count

Catskill Community Players spread “Rumors” April 29 – May 1



Gaslighting Hartwick


Commentary: Don’t be fueled


Janet L. Frankl

Carol A. S. Gorsin


Happenin’ Otsego


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